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"I am writing to you to express how pleased I am that I have found a company such as yours to assist me in particular pool repairs that I have been unable to get to. Especially I would like to express my thanks to Dan who came and performed the repairs. I am a firm believer in providing customers with the service and caring that they desire when they call on any company. Your company is an excellent example of what I call 'Caring for the Customer' and having this is a priority. On June 11, I called your company to inform you of a problem with our pool. June 14, Dan appeared at our home and requested some background information on what I had tried to do to fix the pool. After a detailed explanation he concluded that the problem could be a serious one. When I heard this my heart sort of sank, but I admired the honesty of his response and the fact that he did not try to sugarcoat the problem. As it turned out the problem was not as serious as we both thought and one June 19 while I was away on a business trip, he came and fixed the problem so my wife and children could start enjoying our pool. During the time that Dan was here on June 14, he was very helpful and explained to me the things he was doing to determine the actual problem. He was cordial, kind, considerate, and even played a small joke on my wife saying that to pay for the repairs she would have to quit school and get a job. It was a funny joke and actually opened up the conversation, which is where I found out that your business is family owned. I would like to commend you for that and hope that you continue to be as successful as you currently are. My father owned his own business in Puerto Rico where I am from, for a total of 22 years before we decided to move to Michigan as a family. I have very fond memories of working with my dad as a child during the holiday times, performing inventory and working the cash register while his regular employees took summer vacation. Today I work for Buick Motor Division and have been there for the last 16 years. I take pride in our division of General Motors because we pride ourselves in trying to have the best 'Customer Care' for the people that purchase our vehicles. This care and concern for the customer is that trait that I have seen with your company both times that you have come to do service to my pool. Please keep up the great service that you provide, give Dan my thanks once again, I know you must be proud of him. Also keep up the excellent Customer Service that you are known for. Enclosed is my payment of your invoice #28761 for the services rendered on June 14 and 19."


"I just needed to write you and let you know once again of how pleased I am with the work that your family company is providing to the Grand Blanc community and surrounding areas. The work that your son Dan and his crew performed in my pool is absolutely beautiful. My wife has not stopped talking about it for the past few days and is so happy at getting our pool back. Over the few years that I have known about your company, I remain very impressed with the level of customer satisfaction and caring that you offer your customers. In fact, (knowing that you also work for General Motors) I wish I could educate the dealer body of Buick Motor Division (where I work) with the mindset that your company has in providing customer satisfaction. I am a firm believer that if Buick and all of General Motors could do this, we would not be able to build enough cars and trucks to meet the demand from the public. As has been my experience with the work that Dan Nelson and his work crew have down in my house, the work is professional as it can be. I would like to thank Dan, Mike, and Chris who came to do the work on our pool. They not only performed all the hard work, but also put up with all the questions my 10 year old son had on everything they were doing. Attached in a separate envelope is a small note I have addressed to the work crew. Included with this small letter is check number 96444 made out to you in payment for the work completed. The additional amount I have included is only a small token of what I wish I could include to reward you for again exhibiting one of, if not the best, customer service satisfaction policies in the Genesee, Shiawasee county areas. I know that from my standpoint, i will not have anyone else but your company perform any work on my pool (not that I am wishing for anything to happen, since I basically have a brand new pool right now). My best wishes and God's blessings to you and your family in the future."


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