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Cleaning the Pool

The first and most important part is clean your pool of any debris. If you have a pool vacuum use it, otherwise, just use your net. Make sure to clean out the skimmer and pump basket. Remember to clean the tiles with a tile cleaner, if you have one. Spending some time doing this now, will save you the hassle of having the dirt get stuck during winter.


This protects your pool from corrosion or massive dirt buildup. Get a simple water test kit, then, adjust the amount of chemicals in the water to the normal levels of PH, alkalinity, calcium and chlorine. You can also add a winterization chemical kit. After you put them in, though, the pool cannot be used until opening in the spring, as, they put large amounts of chlorine and algaecide into the water to prepare for the cold days ahead. Some larger pools may require other supplementary chemicals as well.


Do not add tablets or floaters that contain chlorine or bromine, as they can damage some pool equipment close to them. If you have some already, wait until the chemicals are depleted, then take them out.  Follow directions of use for every chemical, do not guess, be precise. For some chemicals you must turn on the pool filter, do so, as it may help your pool liner, protecting it from stains and un-dissolved particles or from damage to your equipment from a large amounts of chemicals.


During the winter, water freezes. Frozen water expands with much force; such force can destroy highways, split open trees and explode pop cans. That same force expands and destroys pool pipes, filters, liners, and the foundations of pools. No matter where you live, warm or cold, you must prepare for such temperatures. To start, drain the water below the skimmer, but do not empty the pools. The water in the soil can expand, underneath the pool, completely digging your pool out of the ground. Keeping water in can give it enough wait to keep it down.


Disconnect your pump and filter. Make sure all of the water is out of the pump. Remove the drain plugs from the pump, as they may keep water inside, which can ruin the pump. To make sure all the water is out, turn on the pump for 2 seconds to expel any water left in it. Keep the plugs in a pump basket, so they are easy to find later.

Drain the heater, if you have one. Make sure no water is left in it, use a shop vac if you must. Remove any drain plugs and put those away also, for the Spring.

Remove all of the return jet fittings. Remove all of them, and don’t be alarmed if a fitting cracks, you can get a replacement easily. Remove the skimmer baskets. Put the fittings and other things into a basket to avoid their loss.


Loosen any easy –disconnect fittings for your pumps and filter systems. Use an air compressor or shop-vac to blow out any water left inside of the pumps. Push air from the pump into the skimmer and the skimmer pipes.

Blow the water out of the return plumbing by connecting the compressor the filter system, or connecting it with the pump’s drain plug. When you see bubbles, from the jets, plug the fitting below the waterline. Plug up any other holes in the pipes with plugs.

If you can, blow out the main drain. When you see bubbles come out of the drain plug the pipe on your end or close the gate valve. This keeps all of the water out, keeping your main drain line safe.


Take out the filter hoses, then, spray the cartridge filter elements and D.E. grids with a Filter Cleaner. Rinse after. For the D.E. filters, drain the tanks and open the backwash valve. Backwash the sand filter, if you have one.

DO NOT ACID WASH A D.E. FILTER, at closing time! Wait until after winter, when you can finally get water to go through the system in order to rinse it out. Rinsing before and later putting away the filter, allows the acid to attack the filter components all winter long.

At the bottom of the drain of the filter, open it, to let out water in the filter outlet. Remember to open the air relief valve, if you have one.  Put the multiport valve in the closed position, take out the water, and remove the pressure gauge. Put the drain plug with other items you might have out away until spring.


Before the cover goes onto your pool, you must create a simple floatation device in the middle of your pool. This float should balance the water and ice that will appear on your pool. It also helps ease the pressure off of the walls of the pool by allowing the excess water buildup to push on the flotation device, not the on the walls.


The winter cover itself is the most important part of keeping your pool safe. It’s main job is to be able to withstand the large amounts of water and ice buildup on top, along with being able to protect anyone from falling through the pool into the water.

Make sure to check the cover for any rips or tears. Fix them, if you can, but if not, replace the cover immediately, you won’t regret it. The black side goes down, when stretching the cover over the pools. Make sure to remove any sharp objects or cover them up, so the cover does not get damaged during the winter. Anything soft can do. After this, stretch the cover over the entire pool. This may take a few extra hands. Run a wire through the holes in the perimeter of the cover, and tighten it to make sure it is able to withstand winds and rains.


Take out any ropes and floats from the pool and put them away with the rest of the equipment. Remove the dive board, ladders and anything else and put them away with your other items. Store the dive bolts and ladder bumpers with the pump basket. Put away your sand filter in a safe spot.


This will help your pool withstand the worst that winter has got. Your Spring pool opening should be an easy opening, only to enjoy your pool for another summer!

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01 It's Popular

 -Swimming for fitness averages No. 2 in “aspirational” sports participation on non-participants by age (6 to 65+) for the 2016 Physical Activity Council Report.

02 Increases Flexibility

  - Water's buoyancy reduces a person's “weight” by about 90 percent, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Pool water's buoyancy counteracts         the force of gravity, making swimming an ideal low-impact form of exercise that puts very little stress on those bones and joints.
03 Burns Calories
  - Swimming is one of the easiest and best ways to burn unwanted calories: an hour of swimming burns about 500 calories. 
04 Helps You Quit Smoking
 - The water puts out the smoke. If that doesn't do it, the 'No Smoking' sign will. If you've ever tried to quit smoking or know someone in the process, they can be        pretty irritable. Jump in a pool and swim—it works.
05 Improves Coordination
  - Swimming works your body's motor coordination. Over two thirds of the body musculature is engaged when you swim. The upper and lower body, trunk, head,      arms, and legs are forced to work together to make a balanced effort.
06 Improves Posture
  - Swimming strengthens joints and improves posture by improving the position of the spinal column. This makes it an excellent exercise for people with all kinds     of back problems and issues.
07 Good for Anyone; Everyone
  - All of the time! Whether you are rehabilitating after surgery or are in optimal condition, swimming is an ideal exercise for any fitness level.
08 Total-Body Workout
  - Swimming is the original total-body workout: it targets everything from sculpting your back to toning your arms. No heavy equipment or weights are necessary.        Instead of buying lots of different pieces of exercise equipment to work specific muscles, jump in the pool, and tone your whole body in a few laps.
09 Come As You Are
  - For the average person, swimming does not require lots of special equipment and gear. All you really need is a swimsuit. The other extras, like a towel, swim          cap, goggles, swimmers earplugs, kickboard, pool float (for relaxing), noodle, and all of that extra stuff is up to you and your budget.
10 Cardio Conditioning
  - Swimming is considered to be the ultimate aerobic activity.Compared to running, there is more breath control with swimming, which creates an increased                demand for oxygen, making those muscles work harder without knowing it. Swimming also strengthens the heart, making it become larger. The heart's                    pumping     action also becomes more refined, which leads to better blood circulation.
11 Beats the Heat
  - It's no great revelation that swimming is refreshing: when temperatures climb sometimes the only relief can be found in that big body of water. Too bad there          are  so many other bodies sharing that space! Some people enjoy swimming at night under the stars. No need to use UV sunblock, and it's sometimes just you,      whoever you're with, the night sky, and the pool. Magical!
12 Self-Esteem
  - It's true with any exercise or sport—they build confidence and raise self-esteem. So you may not get a team t-shirt or a trophy, but regular swimming also does      these things, while boosting your self-reliance. You feel more powerful—ready to face the world.
13 For a Lifetime
  - Swimming is one of the few sports you can do throughout your lifetime. Like a special friend, It will always be there for you.
14 Taller, Longer, Leaner
  - swimming has the ability to build longer, leaner muscles. It's those "swimmer's muscles" combined with resistance training and cardio that help boost your              metabolism to keep those calories burning longer. Swimming can also put your body through a range of movements, helping your muscles stay nice and long        and flexible.
15 Joints
  - Let's say you're recovering from an injury and are hoping to rebuild strength. Swimming will fulfill that need and desire. It's easy on the joints and gives sore            knees a rest from constant pounding on the pavement—​something you may not be able to do for a while.
16 Weight Loss
  - "The key is to push yourself a bit." ​Whatever your reason for not incorporating swimming into your life, this list above should illuminate the ways in which the          sport can add to your quality of life.
17 Socialization
  - If you own a pool, then you know what a magnet it can be in the summer time. Everyone wants to hang out at the kid-with-the-pool's house. While it may mean      extra water-watching time for Mom or Dad, there's no denying that it brings children and adults together. Pools are all about socialization—they are a culture          unto themselves.
18 Team and Individual Sport
  - Just think about the Olympics, and what you or most people enjoy watching the most. For many, it's the swimming competitions, especially with those inside-          the-pool cameras, catching every breathtaking part of the competition.  Starting from childhood, participating on a swim team can build up strength, confidence,      and the ability to get along with others—which will help later in life.
19 Prevents Drowning
  - Simply put, knowing how to swim means a person is less likely to drown. Start swim lessons at a young age and continue until the child is proficient in                    swimming. And no diving in smaller residential pools
20 Improves Mental Health
  - It's a proven fact that physical activity improves mood in children and adults. For people with conditions like fibromyalgia, swimming can help decrease stress        and anxiety, while relaxing, strengthening and toning muscles. Water-based exercise improves mental health. Swimming can improve mood in both men and          women. Water-based exercise can improve the health of mothers and their unborn children and has a positive effect on the mothers’ mental health.
21 Helps With Chronic Diseases, Post-Op, and as Physical Therapy
  - Water-based exercise can help people with chronic diseases. For those afflicted with arthritis, it improves the use of affected joints without worsening                      symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis patients notice an improvement in health after participating in hydrotherapy than with other activities. Swimming and water-            based exercise also helps affected joints and decreases pain from osteoarthritis. 
    Post-Hip and Knee Replacemen the doctor may have recommended hydrotherapy. That means swimming. You can get in the pool right after sutures have              been removed and the wound is healed, usually 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

    For Asthma Patients  swimming has proven to be beneficial for asthma sufferers. Think about it—certain strokes will encourage lung function and breathing           control. If you suffer from exercise-induced asthma, jumping in the pool may relieve symptoms, because it allows asthmatics to work out in moist air, reducing         symptoms. Because swimming requires breath control, it also improves overall lung and breathing capacity.

22 Relieves Stress

  -  Stress from work, school, family, and job hunting all begins to build up. While it may sound simple, being able to just jump in a pool and swim can provide an          enormous relief of pressure. Aerobic exercises like swimming can trigger the release of endorphins in the brain, which are chemicals that bring about feelings        of  contentment and euphoria.

23 Boosts the Immune System

  - When cells in the body regularly get blood and oxygen, they function better and do a more effective job or removing toxins like carbon dioxide. This helps your        body's overall well being. Swimming also has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. When the lymph system is in order, white blood cells are regularly              distributed, resulting in increased immunity against diseases and infections.

24 Family Oriented

  - Where there's a pool, the family congregates, for swimming, entertaining, and a barbecue. It creates a reason to get together—kind of a focal point, or                    something around which to build activities.

25 Going Solo

  - While rules used to advise us to "swim with a friend" for safety's sake, that doesn't mean you have to arrange a date every time you want to go swimming.              Keeping safety in mind at home, your child can swim solo at home provided you or a designated water watcher is stationed at the pool. The same would be            true for a senior adult who goes swimming in his or her backyard pool—it's best to have someone around to keep an eye on you during your workout.



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Happy Labor Day Weekend to all!

Labor Day marks the end of Summer, thus, the beginning of Fall.

This new season is the best time to start preparing your pool for the Winter.


Call Nelson's Pools at 810-397-1323 so we can help you keep your pool in the best shape it can be!

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Every New Year people create New Year’s resolutions for themselves. Whether it be learning something new or improving on something they are already doing or even trying to lose an old habit, the choice is yours! So here are a few 2017 resolutions, pool owners can create for themselves.

  1. Pool maintenance can cause quite a bit of worry for most pool owners. Opening and closing pools, fixing a small leak, or even keeping the right chemical levels within the pool. We encourage you to do what your pool was meant to do for you, relieve you of stress, while we do the work to help maintain your pool in its best shape.
  2. Many New Year’s resolutions involve learning something new. You can do that right there in your pool! Whether it’s reading more books, learning a new language, watching some DIY videos or even teaching your kids how to swim, your pool is right there for you.
  3. Did you know swimming for an hour can cause you to lose anywhere from 400 to almost 600 calories?  Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do as it helps boost your cardiovascular capacity, increases your muscle strength, and helps your body rest from higher-impact activities while maintaining high exercise rates. Along with that, people that constantly swim have their metabolic rate by working on your “swimming muscles” that keep your calories burning for longer.

Nelson’s Pools is here to help you not only with the building process, but also with helping with the upkeep of your pool. It is our duty to help every customer get their perfect pool or spa, along with keeping that lasting for many years to come. If you are ready to design your perfect pool/spa or you need assistance with your current one, call us at 810-397-1323, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll be happy to talk to you! Also visit our website, www.nelsonspools.com for more information and detail of our services.

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Our Summer is almost over, but the fun isn't. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts and begin preparing your pool for the winter.
Call us at 810-397-1323 to keep your pool at it's peak.

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