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    Outdoor Lifestyle

    Outdoor Lifestyle

    The outdoors are no longer controlled just by nature, now YOU can have a say in what you want outside. Just by choosing some simple decorations, you can improve your backyard and make it more likable to your perspective. These changes can start from adding some Birdbath Protector to your birdbath to putting a small fountain the pond in your backyard pond. These small, or large, changes can make any outdoor seem like home.


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    Pond Builder Floating Biosphere

    Highly concentrated and formulated for all multi-component filtration systems. New ponds lack natural indigenous bacteria, Mother Nature's natural cleaning agent. Ponds naturally accumulate contaminates from run off, dead plants, insects, uneaten fish food, waste from pond creatures; all those cause sludge, parasites and bad bacteria. Care Free Pond Builder accelerates the development of indigenous bacteria to dissolve away the contaminates naturally. Safe for all plants, marine and animal life. Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly.

    $13.78 Ex Tax: $13.00

    Birdbath Protector Starter Pouch 5.91 ml

    Carefree Birdbath Protector contains natural enzymes. Safely breaks down organic contaminates: sludge, waterlines, and organic stains, caused by birds and the environment. Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Bacteria Free, food-grade enzyme. Formulated for outdoor Birdbatsh that contain approximately two gallons of water or less. Keeps water clean and clear naturally. Safe for wildlife and pets that may drink from birdbath.

    $1.06 Ex Tax: $1.00

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